Monday, January 14, 2008

Under the Weather???

For those of you who are Airborne skeptics.. you must give it a try! Yesterday I was pretty much on my death bed, and I started downing these bad boys and today I am pretty much completely well.
It is a pretty inexpensive way to get well. You can usually get it for around $10.00 and it is jam packed with vitamins and minerals...all the goods that your body needs when your sick!
I am not being payed anything to plug this item! So the next time you have any hint of sickness try this!


Karina & John said...

So, I just realized that you have your own blog...sorry it took me so long!

Nicole and Cory said...

Nice to know! So I finished the third book last night at 3 am. I am officially addicted. The books just get better and then stop . .. cuz there is a 4th book, frustration!!! Happy reading! You will have to tell me what you think . . . I don't want to give anything away!! But I am DYING for the movie to come out now its gonna be awesome! lol