Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been tagged

Ten Years Ago I Was...
1. A Freshman is High School.
2. Hanging out with Dacia everyday
3. Driving my parents crazy with worry
4. In a size 1 jeans.
5. Got my braces off.

Five Things on Today's To Do List...
1. TONS of Laundry
2. Finish planning Preston's birthday party
3. Get Preston a haircut.
4. Take a nap. ( I have been up since 4)
5. Go out for a night of fun with Kassie.

Five Snacks I Enjoy...
1. Chocolate Chip cookies
2. V8
3. Toast and butter (especially homemade bread)
4. Chips and Salsa.
5. FiberOne Bars

Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire...
1. Pay off all of our debt!
2. Buy a new run around car!
3. Get tons of food storage!
4. Take a tropical trip with my husband.
5. I think if I were a millionare...I would make my husband smile more.

Five Places I Have Lived...
1. Boise, Id
2. Twin Falls, Id
3. Lewiston, Id
4. Moscow, Id
5. Clarkston, Wa

Five Jobs I Have Had...
1. Mom
2. Front desk at Howard Johnsons
3. Jim Grow, Attorney
4. Realtor
5. Callings-Scouts, activity days, Young womens

Five People I Tag... (You can do both!)
1. Karina
2. Trisha
3. Jen
4. Sandy
5. Anyone else who wants to

8 Things Tag...8 Things I am PASSIONATE About...
1. My family
2. Adding to my family
3. The gospel
4. Baking
5. Clutter (I hate it)
6. Honesty
7. Exersize (when I am aloud to)
8. Health

8 "words" or "phrases" I say way to often...
1. What?
2. like
3. What are you new?
4. right.........
5. no longer with us
6. What were you thinking?
7. You know better than that!
8. totally

8 Things I want to do before I die...
1. Make sure my children know I have a testimony.
2. Have another daughter.
3. Snorkel in Hawaii again(I love it)
4. Be completely out of debt.
5. Know that my children are okay.
6. Learn domestics . . .such as sewing, crafting, and coupon clipping!
7. Make a differance in the world.
8. Go on a trip with my mom and sister.

8 Things I have learned From my past...
1. Never expect things to happen to you, just because they happens to everyone else. (totally agree)
2. Your decisions never just affect you.
3. When you pray for faith the Lord will give you experiences to increase it.
4. Your parents are always right.
5. Being a Mom is the hardest job ever, but the most rewarding!
6. Honesty and trust is everything
7. If I don't do it myself, it probably wont get done!
8. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be better, and gives up millions of chances to come back to him.

8 Places I would love to see...
1. Sandiego temple
2. Cabo
3. Hawaii, you cant ever get enough of Hawaii
5. Disneyworld
6. Salt Lake Temple
7. Nauvoo, IL- pretty much the church history tour
8. New York

8 Things I Currently Need or Want...
1. a nap.
2. Health
3. a better relationship with someone not named
4. A baby.
5. a clean organized house.
6. a happy satisfied husband.
7. want to be out of debt and not worry anymore
8. Preston to be potty trained

Friday, September 5, 2008

What have I been up to?

I spend last most of last week and all of last weekend in Spokane. A few things I did were(in no paticular order):
*Went to the temple and did a session for the 1st time in a long time.
*Went to "pig out in the park" and had so much Yummy food
*Went to the mall and spoiled Sierra. (its so much easier to spoil my kids than myself)
*Ate at Chillis, Pizza Rita, Red Robin, and Olive garden. (healthy weekend as you can see)
*Saw "Housebunny" for the 2nd time and "Rocker" for the 1st (Rocker is good, & so funny)
*Puked infront of my husband in the car on the way home from a Spokane trip. (SEXY!!!)
*Saw my friend Natalies cute littile new bundle of joy.
*Watched episode after episode of "meet the kardashians" stuck in a hotel room.

Other than the puking part my week doesnt sound half bad!!!