Friday, September 18, 2009

We have MOVED!!!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted! Alot has changed. We sold our house and we are now living with Jeff's mom until our new fixer upper is well....fixed up. Everyone seems to be doing well. Boden is off to BYU-Idaho and eager to start the beginning of his own life, we have never had to worry about Boden and we know that he will do great things. Dylan is a Junior in high School and he is playing football. Sierra is a freshman getting used to early morning seminary, she plays volleyball, and the fight of formal dress attire has already Dalton is in 6th grade and he is enjoying playing the trumpet in band and playing football. Dakota is in 5th grade and he is playing soccer as soon as the season begins otherwise he is right there cheering everyone else on. Preston will be 4 in a few weeks, I cant believe it, and he just began playschool at Kingdom kids and he loves it, he wakes up every morning and asks if it is school that day, he really is a social butterfly. Parker is now 4 months and enjoying his first tastes of rice cereal, he enjoys warm baths, and he has recently found his feet. As for Jeff he has been elk hunting but he has yet to shoot one.....hmmmm. As for me I stay busy with all everyone else has going on, I get the occasional girls night out and I am looking forward to a girls weekend in Vegas and a week with my sister and mom in St.George next week, and my dailey workouts.
The Port's have been very blessed and very watched over!