Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you help Me???

I am looking for a good buttercream frosting recipe! I have searched high and low. I have even tried Magnolias Bakery recipe...but it doesnt seem to cut it. I am sure the recipe that I found has a missing ingredient. I have a few friends with Birthdays coming up and I would love to make them some cute yummy cupcakes...I would accept chocolate or vanilla buttercream recipes! I recently went through a cake phase, but out of recipe frusteration stopped! Any help would be appreciated :) Lacey


Nicole and Cory said...

Your gonna love book 2 and 3. I honestly couldn't finish book 2 without having book 3 ready to read! Enjoy!

Nicole and Cory said...

Yeah, we bought the seasons of the Office. That show is SO funny. My FAVORITE one is when they play a prank on Dwight and send him fake letters from the CIA and he thinks he is working for them. hahaha