Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday to ME!!!

So today I have been on this earth 25 years!!! A quarter of a century as Jeff reminded me this morning! So aging causes reflection. Am I where I thought I would be at 25? Actually I think I am a little further than I had planned......!

I have to say my greatest accomplishment in my 25 years is becoming Preston's mommy. I say that because nothing else has brought me more joy.

I am glad to report that there is no wrinkles as of yet!
My big plans for today are to have lunch with friends and dinner with my family tonight....!
So, today I feel grateful for my past, and I look forward to the future!!!


Lee said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 25. Hope that this is an awesome year. And you should come to Tri-Cities we could go to the temple together.

Karina & John said...

Did you make your own cake??? WOW