Saturday, May 12, 2012

 I seriously cant believe it has almost been a year since my last update. The Port's have been busy! By far our biggest news is that Boden is 6 months into his mission in Laredo Texas (Texas McAllen Mission). He is really enjoying himself, especially all the mexican food.
 During October we went to California for a family vacation right before Boden left. Dylan stayed home as he was busy with school at LCSC. It was alot of fun. We stayed in the new Wyndam Anaheim resort and it was so nice.

 In December we went to Cancun/Playa del Carmen with some friends. It was absolutely beautiful. The beach above was by far our favorite in Puerta Morales. The sand was white and soft like baby powder. We snorkeled right off the beach there on the world's second largest reef.
 Another thing our family did this year was take a 3 day rafting trip. It was so much fun! We camped on random beaches at night and got back on the water during the day.
 Here is Dalton on his first day of school this year. Next year he will be in high school. Crazy! He is currently playing on a Babe Ruth baseball team.
 Sierra on the first day of Junior year. Hard to believe she will be a senior. She is currently playing on the high school varstiy softball team.
 Preston and Parker on the first day of school. On to first grade and playschool this year.
 Dakota on the first day of school. He will be in 8th grade this year. He has enjoyed football, wrestling and track this year.
This is our kids at the zoo in California and Dylan. Dylan just finished a semester at LCSC and he is trying to decide what direction to go!

I just finished a semester in school as well! I love school but look forward to the summer! Jeff has been busy with his storage unit business, u-haul, and some re-model jobs!