Friday, February 29, 2008

The gift of Time....

This should have been posted awhile ago...for my birthday I got this amazing clock (thank you Karina and Jenny). I love it so much! They even put my last name on it. I put it in my family room off the kitchen so I can look at it all the TIME!!!

Two and Tuckered out!

So apparently I am not the only one that is exhausted by Prestons climbing, running, jumping, exploring, and just generally getting into everything. He fell asleep on the couch....before I could even put him to bed.

Drummer Boy!

Boden is our drummer boy. He had a concert last night. He looks so handsome that I just had to share some pics with you. He always looks so serious when he plays.

I luv luv luv DownEast Outfitters.

I love downeast outfitters..unfortunately I dont live near one so I have to online shop or shop when I go to southern Idaho. I got an email today...the SPRING line is in! Cute new tops and dresses and at such reasonable prices! Also, they are having a 70% of winter sale. So if you have some extra change in your pockets you may want to hit the store or website.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm so glad I.........

Random and in no particular order:

*Was born into the family that I was.
*Am sealed to my family.
*Completed my real estate course.
*Get to mother 6 wonderful children everyday.
*Enjoy exersize
*Have wonderful friends
*Have a housekeeper to help me out.
*Can pray anytime.
*Have the internet to keep me connected to people.
*Got to experience childbirth.
*Have the means to fullfill my kids needs.
*Have a mother inlaw that my toddler loves.
*Have a husband that really gets me.
*Have a car that I can drive away in anytime I need a break.
*Have a laid back office that lets my toddler run around and work with me.
*Have a dishwasher.

This could also be characterized as some of the things that I am thankful for. I am grateful for much more...but this is the short list.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is it clean yet Preston???

For those of you who dont know
Preston very well. We should have made "Clean"his middle name. As you can see in the backround of this pic he has many toys but he would prefer to play with his beloved vacuum, dust pan, and cleaning wipes. This picture of his dust pan is classic. For his 2nd Birthday he got his very own real vacuum..and his b-day cake featured him vacuuming. Every time we go to a restaurant he takes it upon himself to find the vacuum and he starts vacuuming right away. I am thinking that by the time he is old enough to really clean he wont want to anymore..either that or we will have a janitor for a son. Either way we love our little Helper!


Its that time of year when we spend lots of time around the mat. Dylan has just finished his high school season and Dalton and Dakota have just started thiers. Dylan did very well...he was the only freshman that wrestled primarily varsity matches. We just had a tournament here this weekend for the little guys. Dalton got first place and was very proud..he has yet another bracket sheet to add to his covered wall. Dakota did really well...he won his first match and struggled in his last two. Dakota is very soft hearted and takes losing very personally, so it is hard to watch him lose. Dylan gave me the shock of my life yesterday when he informed me that he was not going to play baseball but that he was going to do freestyle wrestling. We will see how that goes.

It's a DATE!!!!

Okay I am not obsessed I just want to be informative....our new book (in the Twilight series) comes out Augaust 2nd 2008. That gives us plenty of time to prepare our families for the few days that we spend inthrauled with these books.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Twilight movie in Progress!

For those of you who are as big of a twilight fan as might enjoy checking out the authors website. She is keeping us updated on the latest happenings... In looking at the pictures I'm not totally sure that it is going to look like I pictured it in my mind while I was reading it. But I am excited none the less...! Come on already and give us another book..I dont know about you but I am ready for some biting...!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day! I have to admit this is a commercialized holiday that I truley LOVE!!! I got the shock of my life last night when my husband suprised me with a necklace for Valentines Day! Shocked for three reasons 1; he never plans ahead...people a this was a whole day early 2; He was excited about his gift and couldnt wait to give it to me...and he doesnt get excited easily. 3: I told him that I didnt want anything apparently that is how you get your husband to buy you something, you tell him not to. He was so proud of himself that he couldnt stop smiling and neither could I. Here is the bad news! I am so used to him not making a big deal out of things...that I had not got him anything yet. And I still havent. He is so hard to buy things for. I am pretty sure that there is only one thing that a man wants on Valentines Day anyway..but I figure after Preston gets up from his nap I will run get him something...what I dont know either.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All Bundled Up!!!

I had to post this picture of Preston because I love it so much! He is all bundled up and ready to play. He loves this hat because he says it looks like his dads hat. You gotta love the way he scrunches his nose up....SO CUTE!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tagged (I think I've figured this out)

4 jobs I've had in my life...... worked for my dad @ his law office, Howard Johnson Hotel, Realtor, and the hardest and most rewarding job....mothering 6 children.

5 places I've been.......Hawaii, Mexico, California, Utah, and I got to Idaho practically dailey.

4 favorite foods......By far I love italian food the most, Spaghetti, lasagna, fettucchini, its making my mouth water thinking about it, but since I try to limit my carbs I dont eat much of it. I also love mexican..mainly for salsa purposes. I also must admit that one of the greatest things in life to me is chocolate cake..I will be sad if there is no chocolate in heaven, but then again it wouldnt be heaven without chocolate right? Thats atleast 4 right?

3 people I'd like to get to know better..... people in my ward, people I work with, and my children..they are growing up so fast and changing so often sometimes I look at them and feel like I dont know them very well and that makes me sad.

4 reason's I love being me.....I consider myself to have had a somewhat enchanted childhood, life wasnt to hard. I seem to have a pretty easy going attitude so I think sometimes I can deal with things a little easier than most. I love being me because of the friends and family that I have, and I love being me because I know God has a plan for me..

4 classes I wish were offered to me and could participate in..... Cake decorating, Money management, Parenting, and Cosmetology classes. I realize most of these classes are offered, so dont hold me to this list.

4 friends I want to tagg.....Sandy, Karina, Lexi, and LeeAnn