Sunday, January 3, 2010

{Parker Jaxon is 7 months....and some}

Weight: 15 lbs 7.5 ounces
Height: 27.5 inches
Parker is very in love with his mom, mash potatoes and gravy, and his first tooth. Parker loves his brothers and seems the more going on around him the happier he is. He rolls from one side of the room to the other...who needs to crawl when you can roll...right?

As a mother who had to go to extreme lengths and pay big money for my babies I try to enjoy every milestone. There was so many tears shed and sleepless nights wondering if I was going to be able to have the experience of pregnancy and childbirth and seeing pieces of me and my husband in a child. I got pregnant with Preston first try with IVF and it was smooth sailing so I kindof thought thats how it would be when trying for baby #2. The next try wasnt so easy. After 1 failed FET and 1 failed IVF I found myself once again pleading to my Heavenly Father for a baby. We began another fresh IVF cycle. I went to Spokane for my embryo transfer. Before the transfer the doctor comes in and shows you pictures of your embryos and talks to you about thier quality...etc. I had always had perfectly graded A embryo's. This time he told me he was shocked that my embryos were low quality B embryos. I was devasted and felt defeated right away. What? Why? During my transfer its all I could think about...and on bed rest for 24 hours after the transfer I laid in a hotel room bed...and thats all I could think about (Grade B)...I had planned to do everything I did when I was successful with Preston...right down to eating Salmon for dinner that night. But I wondered if any of it would even matter. I even spent hundreds of dollars on accupuncture just hoping that would make the difference. And now I was being faced with Grade B. About four days after transfer I decided I was going to take a Pregnancy test...I always test before the blood test because I dont want to find out from a nurse, I want the privelage of finding out in the privacy of my own bathroom like everybody else. I took the test and nothing...but it was early. A few hours later I took the test out of the garbage can...eeewwwhh...I know. And there was a second line. I didnt get to excited thinking it might be an evaporation line. So I took another test that night and the line popped up right away...and then a digital one that read...Pregnant. I was so ecxited. When my blood test results came back I only had a beta HCG of low. Jeff was gone so I went to my brother in law and asked for a blessing. And he blessed me that with the help of doctors that this would be a successful pregnancy. Relief! Then two days later (It is supposed to atleast double.), I had an HCG level of 66. Devastation! The nurse basically told me it was going to be a DUDD! What now? What about my blessing? This was a huge test of faith for me. I have to admit I think I failed miserably initially. I then had to wait 4 days for another HCG test...after 4 days filled with prayers and tears I got the numbers were will into the 400's...and from there it continued. At about 11 weeks I then had to have emergency surgeory to remove my left ovary after an ovarian torsion. The doctor wasnt sure the baby would make it and kept telling me so. Again I had a priesthood blessing...I knew it would be okay....and Parkers little heart beat was the most amazing sound I heard after my surgeory. Parker is my miracle. He defied my doctors and fought to be here in my arms. I LOVE YOU PARKER JAXON and you are a grade A BABY!!!!

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Lee said...

Those babies put us through the ringer. It took fertility to get Dallin here, and a lot of it. I am glad your cutie is here!!