Saturday, January 2, 2010

{2009 in review}

*A is for attitude, I have really had to work on a positive attitude.
*B is for Boden who graduated High School and started college in 2009.
*C is for Cody who was the families star soccer player this year.
*D is for Dalton who kept us laughing and did some growing in 2009.
*E is for the Economy that rocked our world this year, and not in a good way.
*F is for Fish....salmon, steelead, marlin, mahi mahi, and sturgeon were caught by Jeff in 2009.
*G is for the Gospel that keeps us grounded.(Especially our teenagers, lol just kidding).
*H is for Home...we sold our home and bought a fixer upper in 2009.
*I is for whats Important in our lives..............eachother!
*J is for James Port...who we lost in 2009...and hold dear forever.
*K is for Karina and Kassie who both moved away in 2009.
*L is for Las Vegas..............the best ladies only trip in 2009.
*M is for Momma Port who has taken care of us and welcomed us in her home in 2009.
*N is Nampa where we watched Sierra play softball in 2009.
*O is for Oprah who announced she is leaving daytime in 2009.
*P is for Parker Jaxon who joined our family May 21st 2009.
*Q is for Questions.....I have spend countless hours answering for Preston.
*R is for Redbox, which we discovered this year and love.
*S is for Sugar City where our family spent Thanksgiving in 2009.
*T is for tacos....a Port family favorite in 2009..and every year.
*U is for an Unforgettable vacation Jeff and I took to Cabo 2009.
*V is for Varsity, Dylan made the Varsity wrestling team in 2009.
*W is for Windmills, which Jeff started selling in 2009.
*X is for X rays....our family has had many this year.
*Y is for you....for being apart of our live this year.
*Z is for Zebras that we saw at Hogle Zoo in Boise.

Now I challenge you to do a year in review in one form or another.


Lee said...

What a fun review. I am not that creative.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

That is really cute! I might give it a try....

I sent a bday present home with Trisha for you. I hope you guys have a great time and remember that I wish I was there with you to celebrate!!!!