Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wheres my Sissy???

I woke up mortified at 5am this morning. I realized that I had fallen asleep watching TV before I put Preston to bed. I was hoping Jeff had taken care of it, but with Jeff you never know. So I ran to Prestons crib and he wasnt in there.....great...I was imagining him roaming the house all night getting into things. The next place I knew to look was Sierra's bed, sure enough he was sleeping soundly snuggled up with his sister in her bed. Sigh of relief. It warms my heart to see how much love Preston has for Sierra. He asks all day "where is my sissy?" and when she has friends over he is their shadow and often comes to me wearing makeup and nail polish from a night hanging out with the girls. I know it isnt always fun for Sierra to have to deal with a 2 year old brother...but it is a relationship that is irreplaceable. She wont realize it until she is older. Now that I am older I cherish the times I had with my youger brothers. Cory always used to go on adventures with could find us trekking the backyard, trying to swim in the neighbors pool(cory ruined that one jumping in the pool with the pool cover still on), and on Sunday we would play restaurant and make food out of dirt and plants..gotta love Sundays. Bryce well he was always my favorite volunteer for hair and makeup, he would allow me and my friends to dress him like a girl and everything....his willingness used to make us nervous but I think he turned out pretty darn well. Bryce was also always singing and making us laugh. Trenton, well he shared a room with me from birth to about 4 I think. It was so hard when my parents made me break that habit..when I think of Trenton I think of Power Rangers..he was obsessed. I loved taking care of him like he was my own. And Alex, well I was so excited the day Alex came to us..we wanted him for so long. He was like 1 1/2 but we treated him like a baby for a while because we wanted it to last. He always said "HUH?" And he is the only 2 year old I knew that could down a Burger King Whopper!!!! Good times!

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John said...

Aren't sisters the best? I've got 3 of em and I miss being able to hang out with them...Cute pics