Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday Tell All-Whats in a name?

Lacey Adele Port (Arnold)- Well I am not sure where my first name came from..I know
that my mom wanted to name me Christina Sunshine...I am so glad she didnt I dont think
it fits me. My middle name came from my Grandma Arnolds relative..when I was younger
I hated it. I once even voiced infront of my grandmother how much I hated it, but I didnt
know it came from her family. Now that I am older I have warmed up to it. My husband even
calls me "Adele". My husband recently built storage units, and named them Adeles.

Preston James Port- Preston got his first name from my maternal grandfather..I didnt know
him very well he died when I was young. The task of naming him seemed impossible but
when he was born the nurse asked me what is name was going to be and Preston came out, so thats what he is. He got his middle name from my dad and Jeffs dad..they are both named James. (nickname: Pdiddy)

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Anonymous said...

Is that too weird that I remember you saying your mom wanted to call you Christine Sunshine?! Crazy that this post would spark that memory back to me...!