Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag I'm IT!!!

What are 5 things I have to do today?
1. Shower...for me and the rest of the world....categorize as get ready for the day.
2. Go to wait for the phone calls that dont come.
3. Make cupcakes for Daltons birthday.
4. Go to dinner for Daltons birthday.
5. Greet my husband at the door lookin smokin hot w/ a big kiss. (yea right)

Where was I 10 years ago? I think I was a sophomore in High School...driving around
like a crazy women with Dacia (she had her license I didnt).

What are 5 snacks I like?
1. Fiber one bars
2. Apples with Cinnamon sprinkled on them
3. Veggies and dip (lots and lots of dip)
4. Cake!!!! Come on I had to put one cheat snack
5. Popcorn

What would I do if I was suddenly a billionaire?First I would pay off all my debt and my families debt. Then I would get the most amazing food storage known to man! Take a few trips.....and just enjoy life.

What are 4 bad habits I have?
1. eating when I am bored
2. California stopping (my husband reminds me of this all the time)
3. Spending unnecessary money ( I tend to buy alot of things I don't need)
4. Procrastination (mainly with housework..I am working on this one)

What are 5 jobs that I've had?
1. Secretary
2. Front desk clerk @ hotel
3. Realtor
4. Wife
5. Mother

DO I know anyone famous?
I cant say that I know anyone famous...but I do know many people who are IMPORTANT..and SPECIAL(not the short bus kind of special)

Have you started any trends in that last year?Definitely not..I live in Clarkston WA...maybe shorter hair.

If I were a pizza topping what would and be and why?
Probably the cheese that fell off the pizza and is on the floor forgotten about. Just kidding...I dont know what a crazy question.

What is your favorite clothing trend? Probably Chunky Necklaces

My newest favorite commercial is the arbys commercial where a hot chick walks by a group of construction workers and they dont bat an eye...but then a fat bald guy walks by with arbys and they start whistlin and getting all excited...laugh it.

Which Napolean Dynomite character do you see yourself as? ( I changed the movie in this question). I think I would characterize myself as Deb...never to sure of herself, doesnt care about fitting in, and loves a nerd. HeHeHe

Tag Your it: Jen (try it Jen), Nicole, Sandy, Lexi

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