Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day! I have to admit this is a commercialized holiday that I truley LOVE!!! I got the shock of my life last night when my husband suprised me with a necklace for Valentines Day! Shocked for three reasons 1; he never plans ahead...people a this was a whole day early 2; He was excited about his gift and couldnt wait to give it to me...and he doesnt get excited easily. 3: I told him that I didnt want anything apparently that is how you get your husband to buy you something, you tell him not to. He was so proud of himself that he couldnt stop smiling and neither could I. Here is the bad news! I am so used to him not making a big deal out of things...that I had not got him anything yet. And I still havent. He is so hard to buy things for. I am pretty sure that there is only one thing that a man wants on Valentines Day anyway..but I figure after Preston gets up from his nap I will run get him something...what I dont know either.


Lee said...

I want to see a picture of your necklace. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's. Randy is getting his present tomorrow!

Nicole and Cory said...

Thats nice. Cory never thinks of anything. . he always just tries to figure it out about an hour before we go out . . so I usually just get a card and candy. I am glad you had a good Valentines Day! I heard its Christmas at Jans. . I am pretty sure we aren't gonna be able to go. How are you all gonna do that?

Karina & John said...

Way to go, Jeff! John got me a balloon and candy. He decided that we weren't going to do presents since he was buying a new bike. Oh well. Last year was the cruise, so I don't think he can ever top that. Can't wait to see the necklace!