Saturday, December 26, 2009

{VMJess's Shop}

With my birthday quickly approaching I have had camera's on the brain! I am pleading for a new canon rebel (if any of you could plead my case to Jeff that would be great). While looking around on the mom-prenuers shops I came across the cutest camera straps! I love them. If I get my camera I will for sure have to be the proud owner of one of these babies! Here is a link to her Etsy shop and some pics of some of my favorites that she has right now! She also makes straps for little tote along cameras!
If the link doesnt work for this then just go to the etsy website and type in: vmJess

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Angeleah said...

Just tell Jeff that Greg just surprised me with a new Canon Rebel for Christmas and that it is so great he has to get you one :) p.s. I just was cleaning out my emails and I found the email when you sent me your Blog URL. I had forgotten you even had a Blog. I am really excited now to keep up on what your family is doing ! Your Christmas pictures are awsome! Thanks for the Christmas Card. I will be sending ours out this week.