Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog Neglect!

I realize that I have not been a very good blogger! Truthfully I have been very busy with my online schooling, home remodel, work, and a family of 6 soon to be 7 kids! Some of the latest highlights and low-lights in my life have been:

*Filling out Boden's college applications! Crazy......!
*Jeff's dad has been admitted to the hospital in Spokane.
*Since my remodel began I cant stop thinking about things I want for my house! Naughty me!
*Preston told me after a "I love you more" war that he loves me more because he bought me Sinupret. (that kid watches to much tv).
*I finally got our family picture that was taken 2 years ago framed! Time for a new one!
*I have made about 3 visits to goodwill with donations! getting rid of JUNK!
*Found $30 worth of change in my purse......that's why it was so heavy!
*I have completed 24 weeks of pregnancy!
*Sierra's basketball team has won all their games, GO LANCERS!!!


sunlover76 said...
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sunlover76 said...

Lacey - I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Please keep up updated on his condition. We'll be praying for him and your entire family!

If you can sort of remember what you donated, go to this website to track & estimate the cost of your donation. Turbo Tax then can automatically import it into your itemization next year! It works like a charm & we it added up to way more than I anticipated!


Cory, Nicole and Araleigh said...

Hey Lacey- its been a while since I have heard from you so I was just wondering how you are feeling and whether you got a name picked out for that boy. When are you guys coming up again? Hope things are going okay down your way!