Friday, December 21, 2007

The, The, The THE Grinch!

Or the Brinch, as Preston calls it. Preston requests this movie atleast 3 times a day. If you havent caught Jim Carey's version of the The grinch who stole Christmas, then you have missed out! Jim Carey does a top notch job! This is definately one that I have to watch every year! It just doesnt feel like Christmas without it. It also includes in it, reasoning as to why the grinch is mad at the world. I think it really rings true and is a reminder that alot of times people's attitudes and behaviors are often tied to thier environment and how they have been treated. We shouldnt be so quick to judge. Because we dont know exactly why people are the way they are. Listen to me, I am rambling. Long story short, Check it out!!!

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James Arnold said...


You are your Mom. However, she now watches the Grinch followed by the Elf. Tonight we started watching the Grinch but I had to change it to Santa Claus 2. Just a little too much Grinch. Tell Preston I finally saw Shreck III. I really missed watching it with him.

Merry Christmas.

Love, Dad