Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Christmas Tradition

It is Christmas time a family we are getting ready to do one of our favorite Christmas traditions. It goes along with the 12 days of Christmas. We purchase 2 or 3

twelve peice Nativity Sets. We put alot of thought into who we think might not have

a nativity or just need some extra cheer this year. We then wrap each peice individually.

On each one a special message about that peice and its significance. Then on the first

day of Christmas.....we begin to deliver them on their doorstep. Now remember it is a secret.

Thats what makes it fun so we ring the doorbell and run. And on Christmas Day, Jesus is

delivered. It has been so fun through the years listening to our friends try and figure out

who is doing this. Dont get me wrong we have been caught! We begun this tradition after this was done for us, one of our first Christmas's. If any of you want the print out for the 12 peices I would be happy to post it or email it to you.....!

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