Thursday, July 7, 2011

I cant believe it has been a year! {Update}

I couldnt believe it when I checked my blog and realized it had almost been an entire year since I posted!

The PORTS are alive and well! Jeff is busy with Adele's mini storage and he recently added Uhaul to his list of jobs. Lacey (me) has been busy going to school, doing real estate, crafting, and adding Bunco to my list of LOVES! Boden is in Southern Idaho working on a ranch, playing drums in his band (the Harper's Harping), and preparing for a mission. Dylan just graduated high school (yay) and he is getting ready to start a semester at LCSC....with Sierra is working hard to catch up on her credits and has been spending alot of time with her brothers this summer. Dalton's babe ruth team just won the Championship and he is busy trying to win the hearts of the ladies. Dakota turned 12 this year and he has been enjoying reading and going to Wenatchee Wild games. Preston graduated Preschool and is looking forward to be the only real Power Ranger in Kindergarten. Parker is our busy boy....loving the outdoors, mickey mouse, pickles, and he has an annoying fascination with dumping out the shampoos in the shower!

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