Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{Port Update!}

In March Preston, Dakota, and I went to Sugar City for a week. Preston was so sick the whole time and I was so busy taking care of him that this is the only picture I managed to get the whole trip. Grandma Arnold making caramel popcorn with Preston and Araleigh.
Dalton turned 11, on March 13th. The kids love to light their own candles now that they are old enough! Cake compliments of mom and Preston!

Easter egg Hunt 2009

Preston cant even seperate from his juice to hunt for eggs! Dalton is such a good helper with Preston.

Preston dyed Easter eggs with his mom 2009. All the other kids thought they were too old for this tradition.

Preston was so HAPPY that I let him play with Eggs!

Dakota turned 10 April 14th.

In March I went to see wicked with some friends in Portland. I am the BIG lady second to the left, not that you could miss me. It was so much FUN!


Cory, Nicole and Araleigh said...

Finally an update!! Your house looks good! Hope you had a great Easter. WE have been so busy trying to get into moving motion that I haven't had time to do anything. Maybe i will work on it tonight!

Jackie Legg said...

Hi Lacey,
You and your family look great! I noticed that your picture with Kristin, and I would love to be able to get in touch with her. If you have an email address or blog address for her, could you email me?

Good Luck in the next little while as you welcome your new little one!

Cory, Nicole and Araleigh said...

ONLY ONE MORE WEEK--- if your induced on the 21st. You have NO IDEA how jelous I am. I am SO miserable all the time-- and I STILL HAVE 6 wks. But I WILL BE ASKING about induction when I go in! haha Hope you are feeling okay-- there is light at the end of your tunnel... lucky girl! Oh yea-- ANY NAME YET?????? No one seems to know.