Monday, December 29, 2008


Our family had a great Christmas! We started out by going to Sugar City and going to the Arnold family Christmas party. That was a lot of fun for me being that I hadnt seen alot of my family in years! We then headed to St.George, UT where my sister lives. We had a fabulous time eating, shopping, golfing(for the men), and letting our kids fight, I mean play together. My sister in law is really good at updating her blog and she made these picture collages.


Karina & John Calderwood said...

So glad that you are back. Let's play soon.

Cory & Nicole said...

HEY! LOL that is SO funny about Billy J. WOW! I blogged it . . haha. Anyways, so are you really like 1 week ahead? Did they move your due date up?? Let me know whats going on! i find out in THREE WEEKS!! woohoo!

Cory & Nicole said...

NO . . I didn't get your text till this morning. . but am totally gonna watch. Wouldn't that be funny if he won. I'd have to go have him sign my vitamins next time I'm up there. . . haha. He seems like he was a nice guy . . obviously he's cocky . . but who wouldn't be right? I'll root for him! haha Oh the joys of reality tv. just another DVR event for me!