Monday, July 7, 2008

The search is OVER!!!

I found this bathing suit at
I finally found that yellow bathing suit I have been searching high and low for. I am praying it will be a little longer on me than the model ( I ordered the top a little bigger). Having a pool in your backyard it just isnt enough to have one bathing suit. So I have retired a few...I am missing a few...and tu-duhhhh. I found one I am in love with finally for this summer. If I am really brave I may post a pic when I get it.....! Yeah for good finds.


Trisha said...

I like it, where did you find it?

Nicole and Cory said...

Cute! You look good in yellow- me... not so much! Hope you had a good fourth! I am trying to get all our pics together from it . . .but I have been SO busy playing catch up since our trip! Anyways, give Pres a hug for me! I don't think Araleigh knows what to do not having to defend the toys she plays with! lol
Oh btw . . I started up at the gym again to get back in fit mode- wow.. a few weeks can really kill ya! Hope its going well 4 u if u've started!

Nicole and Cory said...

thats funny he's asking where she is. Well, I think that you won't regret going to the accup. Everyone I have talked to swears by it. I am just not that desperate yet. (I am terrified of needles) Anyways, hopefully you can get it worked out and planned out for you. Thanks for being so good to us. You and Jeff always take care of us and we appreciate it!

Nicole and Cory said...

why does taping your feet help? lol that makes me laugh. So do u have to wear that for like a while? Well, I know that a lot of ppl swear by this procedure. So hopefully you can get it all figured out by the time you start up again. Have you decided when you are going to do it? Let me know when they check out that thing you were concerned about. Glad to know it doesn't hurt tho- maybe I will be calling one soon!

Karina & John said...

It IS super cute. You will look great in yellow. Can't wait to see it.