Friday, May 16, 2008

Some things you just cant Replace!

I have created a child that things everything can be replaced. We have replaced many things in his 2 year lifetime...many of which were broken or lost by him. His answer to everything that we cant find or doesnt work is "Lets go buy a new one."
Well, the other night Jeff had all our windows open to cool down the house, I was mortified when I looked up to see Preston sitting in the window seal leaning against the window screen. As we were in my bedroom that is 2 stories up and his landing would have been hard pavement. So, I screamed Jeff ran and got him out of the window and then showed him by doing a demonstration what could happen...Jeff leaned on the screen broke it loose and leaned out and explained that if Preston or dad had fallen out they would be seriously hurt or die. After our heart attack was over..Preston came over to me and questioned, "Daddy will die?" and I said if daddy dies we wont have a daddy anymore. He quickly replied, " We will just have to go to the store and get a new daddy." It didnt matter how much I tried to explain to him that people are not replaceable, he just didnt get it.

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Karina & John said...

I am so glad you are back! I was SO worried. Ok, that is the cutest story that I have heard in a long time!